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Morning Fresh Weekend Pack Liquid-Alcohol Detox Drink 60 ML

Morning Fresh Weekend Pack Liquid-Alcohol Detox Drink 60 ML

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    Quick Overview: 
    Take Morning Fresh as the last shot of the night and wake up fresh the next morning without hangover. This drink supports the liver to rapidly break-down alcohol and flushes it out of the system. Apart from bringing down effects of hangover, Morning Fresh protects and boosts liver health.

    This combo pack is perfect for those looking to blow off some steam during the weekend or celebrating an upcoming occasion.

    Common symptoms or signs to know if you are hungover: fatigue, thirst, headache, nausea, light and sound sensitivity and dizziness. A hangover can also result in gastrointestinal irritation, anxiety, excessive urination, bad breath and low blood sugar.

    Ingredients: Each 60ml bottle of Morning Fresh contains Silk Protein Hydrolysate, Vitamin C, Mulberry Leaf Extract and approved preservatives.

    Direction to use: Shake well and drink the entire 60ml of the bottle as your last drink of the night/before bed.

    Hangover Tip: 
    Eat well and drink adequate water for the best results.

    Content: Cola, Strawberry and Mint (60ml each)

    For best results store bottle away from direct sunlight or in refrigerator

    About Brand:
    Established in 2000, SeriCha is made from mulberry (Morus Alba) leaves and is free from caffeine. It is made with minimal processing; the mulberry leaves are blanched and dried at a low temperature so that natural ingredients are preserved.

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