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Patanjali Laxmivilas Ras -80Tab 20 Gm

Patanjali Laxmivilas Ras -80Tab 20 Gm

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    • Cures cough, cold

    • Helps in asthma attack

    • Cures rhinitis

    • Soothes the throat and sinuses

    • Loosens the mucus accumulated in the chest thus making it easy to cough it up

    • Cures body aches and temperature

    • Boosts your immune system and prevents further infections.


    • Sudha Murcury

    • Sudha Gandhak

    • Abhrak Bhasma

    • Kapoor

    • Javitri

    • Jaiphal

    • Vidhara Seed

    • Vidarikand

    • Satavari

    • Nagbala

    • Atibala

    • Gokhru

    • Samundra Shosh

    • Pan Patta Juice


    As per doctor’s instruction


    80 Tablets, 20 Gms


    • This product should be purchased under the supervision of a doctor before consumption of the product.

    • Keep away from direct sunlight

    • Store in dry place

    • Keep away from children

    • Lid must be tightly closed

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