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Medlife Essentials Cardiafort (Supplement for Heart Health)

Medlife Essentials Cardiafort (Supplement for Heart Health)

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    Quick Overview:
    Cardiovascular Disorder is a general term for the heart conditions that include imbalance of cholesterol levels, heart & blood vessel problems and blood clots. Dietary supplements can help to manage all types of heart-related diseases. One such dietary supplement is Medlife Essentials Cardiafort. This cardioprotective supplement contains herbs like Terminalia (Arjuna), Garcinia Indica (Vrishamla), Vitis Vinifera (Draksha), Boerhaavia Diffusa (Punarnava) & Piper Longum (Pipali) which work together to holistically support heart function. It also helps keep your heart healthy and active. 


    • Helps with cardiac risk factors
    • Maintains a healthy cardiovascular system
    • Manages cholesterol
    • Helpful in case of hypertension
    • As an adjuvant in the therapy of angina, & in patients with cardiac risk factors

    Ingredients: Each capsule contains extracts:

    Terminalia Arjuna 400 mg
    Garcinia Indica Vrishamla 50 mg
    Vitis Vinifera Draksha 40 mg
    Boerhaavia Diffusa Punarnava 35 mg
    Piper Longum Pipali 5 mg
    Excipients - q.s.

    Components/ingredients & their effects:

    • Arjuna protects against beta-2-adrenergic agonist-induced cardiotoxicity
    • Kokum suppresses oxidizing agents that contribute to heart disease
    • Draksha aids in the drop in systolic blood pressure & has the ability to reduce platelet aggregation with large potency.
    • Punarnava appears to have efficacy in reducing the onset of seizures.
    • Pipali reduces the oxidative stress.

    Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice a day after meals or as directed by physician

    Storage: Store below 25 C in a dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Keep container tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.

    Best before 36 months from the date of manufacture.

    About Brand:
    Medlife Essentials, an initiative by Medlife.com, is a complete line of dietary supplements that prevent or manage common diseases that are rampant in today's society. All products of Medlife Essentials are made with 100% natural ingredients and are clinically proven for their efficacy.

    About Manufacturer:
    The manufacturer's aim is to provide high quality but affordable health and wellness solutions to people across the globe. They have a diversified product profile that covers herbals, nutraceuticals, OTC drugs, pharmaceutical formulations with brands that have created a strong identity and value in its respective segments.

    For clinical research, please reach out to contact@pinhealth.com.

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