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Baby Care: Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Disposable Diapers

Posted by Sneha Nimje on

A baby not only brings pleasure and happiness but wakeful nights and numerous diaper changes get included in your regular timetable too! A baby might require six to ten diaper changes in a day which means practice in diapering for a new parent.

Baby Care

The popularity of disposable diapers has developed at a fast pace in the recent years, as these products are very appropriate and are effort-free that creates them the best choice. Many parents have a preference to use these diapers, as they are effortlessly available in the market and are easy to wear.

Nowadays you do not have to carry the soiled nappies when you are travelling, as they can be disposed of without difficulty. These diapers are designed exactly with super absorbent ingredients for better absorption for avoiding leakages. And moreover, the disposable diapers do not need any washing, which makes it an enhanced choice than cloth nappies.

However, there are a few constructive points for disposable diapers, such as convenience, easy obtainability and trouble-free use.

When disposable diapers were introduced in the market, they were certainly observed as a significant step on the way to effective emancipation amongst mothers—no additional long hours of washing and bleaching clothes! Though, just as they have such advantages completely means that these products are all good, as there are really some drawbacks in using these products that hold true today. Let us take a look at both sides of the penny on the subject of disposable diapers.

Advantages of Disposable Diapers

Easy to use: Compared with cloth diapers, disposables are more easy to use. On the side of being broadly available in numerous departmental stores, they are also now available for online buying. One more part of suitability is that you can just throw them away after taking out of them, as opposed to cloth diapers that required to be soaked and washed.

Quick changes can be done: One more huge advantage of using disposable diapers is the lesser amount of time you apply on changing them, which would turn into lesser as you get used to doing it. As an outcome, changing would become quicker and easier for you.

Hypoallergenic is safe for babies: If your child is suffering any chemical or allergic reaction to the ingredients in normal diapers, you can select hypoallergenic diapers that prevent common irritants as your best way of preventive treatment.

Disadvantages of Disposable Diapers

Diaper rashes: Diaper rash is a common condition that can happen due to continued usage of the wet diaper in babies. The dampness in the diaper is a perfect breeding chance for bacteria which cause the baby’s skin to get red, sore, tender and irritated when a diaper is left on for too long and rubs against the skin over and over again.

Toxicity can harm your baby: If a baby is using 7-8 diapers in a day which means that the diaper is used for that baby is almost 24 hours a day. In the course of this time diapers come in a direct and continuous contact with the skin of baby which means that any toxic chemicals exist inside the diapers can definitely enter in your baby’s system if he or she wears disposable diapers all the time. That is the only reason ‘free time’ or ‘no diaper time’ is continuously recommended.

Allergies: All babies, mostly newborns have very sensitive skin and usage of any kind of diaper can affect their skin. In many cases where there were hair colors, elements, gels, artificial material that develop a sponginess of the diapers can surely be a cause of skin allergy in the baby. Similarly, you have to be more cautious when you start weaning your baby as the content and frequency of baby’s poo can also grow skin rash or allergic reaction in them.

Costly: Diapers are very costly particularly when anyone is using the 7-8 diaper in a day. The price of these diapers differs according to the different variations existing in the market which often cause misperception and concern among parents for selecting the right one for their baby. Many parents rely on that a lot of money gets spent in purchasing diapers only.

Can be the reason for infection: When the baby pees in the diaper- the ingredient which stops the pee to leakage from the diaper also checks the air flow inside it. Due to which the environment inside the diaper turn into warm and moist where bacteria and fungi can develop and which in turn can cause skin infections in your baby.

Non – Environment-friendly: Disposable diapers are measured as non-environment friendly or ecological unsafe products as they are destroying the atmosphere through their production and discarding. Lots of disposable diapers comprising plastic, urine, stool, these are continuously funded from each household gets discarded in rivers and landfills every day. This is showing to be an enormous ecological threat. However companies are coming up with biodegradable disposable diapers, their convenience is still limited.

Toilet training can be harder: Toilet training on a regular basis includes certain sounds, clues and signs between parents and baby so that their child can learn to use the toilet for urination and stool purpose. But in contemporary time’s use of disposable diapers have increased the time of child in diapers for a longer period of time as baby feels quite comfy in diapers and moms and dads also don’t push them for the stool training. Thus this stool training lesson which was usually started previously in past may get nowhere to be found in current times due to the use of these ultra-absorbing diapers.

The choice of using diapers existing in the market is established upon your own individual choices, the way of life habits and monetary condition. The greatest thing to do is to know all the benefits and difficulties of the disposable diapers and then to create an up-to-date choice on what you think is best for your baby. There has been information on the chemicals that are used to make disposable diapers soak more and still smell their best, but in the result of having collated very limited information, the identical cannot be determined with certainty. Though, you as parents know that diaper establishments are out there to make earnings and they will do so by luring you to the support of using disposable diapers. Yet, creating a knowledgeable decision is your concern. You can definitely check with your doctor if in case you want to clear certain doubts about using diapers.

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